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Kimberley Ann Holcomb, CFA, AIF®, MBA


(972) 385-7328

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Kimberley Holcomb is a committed and creative financial professional living in Dallas, Texas.  She advises clients in all life stages employing deep knowledge, attentive listening, and authentic connections.  She warmly and sincerely encourages clients to make constructive, meaningful changes in their financial lives.  

At an early age, Kimberley recognized the unique, complicated, and varied relationship those around her had with money.  She witnessed otherwise very strong people get caught up in mental gymnastics and emotional contortionism in response to their anxieties.  Believing that there was a better way, she set out to learn all that she could about money and finance.  Her passion became helping others harness money’s energy to realize their unique goals and full personal potential.

Throughout her varied career, Kimberley has built on the educational foundation she received while studying at the University of Texas at Arlington where she received a BBA in Finance and an MBA in International Finance.  Wanting to achieve her own personal potential as a financial professional, she earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and became an Accredited Investment Fiduciary.  During her time with Morgan Stanley, Kimberley earned the firm’s Estate Planning Specialist designation from American College.

Away from the office, Kimberley enjoys exploring nature, food, film, art, literature, music, dance, and other cultures.  She deeply values spending meaningful time connecting with her close friends and family.  She finds particular joy in mentoring and watching the exponential growth of her daughter, Xeba.