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Personal Financial Planning FAQs

  • Whether or not you should work with an Advisor is really an issue of personal preference and temperament. We find that some people are “died in the wool” DIY’ers who are committed to blazing a path of independence. They believe that no advice – no matter how significant — is worth paying for.

    Others, however, feel comfortable developing a trusting relationship and working one-on-one with an expert. They enjoy the comfort of knowing that they can share their issues, concerns and questions with an educated professional who knows them…their circumstances, goals and personality. Moreover, they find this relationship of trust is crucial during periods of uncertainty when emotions might outweigh good judgment.

  • With so much information, literally, at our fingertips these days, it is understandable why many think that they can “go it on their own” managing their financial lives. It is true that there is a virtual plethora of websites, apps, questionnaires, books, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as television and radio talk shows and so forth and so on. Easy access to all of this information goes a long way towards improving financial literacy, which is a very worthy goal. All of this information can also raise a lot of questions that might not be so easily answered.

  • Over the years, we have found that fear and overconfidence…two sides of the same coin…can be the undoing of many a hard won nest egg. Being a voice of reason during these times is the value added by an Advisor. This may come in the form of encouraging profit taking and diversification during “Uber Bull” markets, providing calm advice and budget planning during periods of extreme uncertainty or simple brainstorming when change brings new opportunities.

  • There are many stages in one’s financial life, as well as varying sizes of one’s net worth. We are committed to working with individuals during all of these stages. To our way of thinking, the fit of the relationship is of the utmost importance. To that end, we have developed a hybrid menu of services to meet various needs and budgets. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your personal circumstances and concerns.