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Holistic Wealth Guidance

Client Centered

HWM aims to become closely attuned to your personality, values and goals. This is a time-intensive process. We feel very strongly that an investment of time is necessary in order to ensure incorporation of all aspects of your plan, including: goals, budgeting, investments, insurance, taxes and estate planning.

Holistic planning requires the coordination of a team of professionals dedicated to meeting their client’s financial needs. This team may include — but is not limited to — a Wealth Advisor, a CPA and an Estate Planning Attorney. Because of HWM’s deep knowledge of our clients, we are in a unique position to lead and coordinate the activities of all professionals in the development and implementation of strategies that bring the client’s vision and values into focus.

HWM invests time — at all stages of the relationship — to provide holistic financial guidance.

Ideal Client Profile

Clients who receive the most benefit and with whom we work most effectively have these characteristics:

Live by their values and principles

Have a strong sense of purpose

Place a high value on spending their time on things that are truly important to them

Regard money as a means to an end, not an end in itself